Mindset Module 01 Webinar September 9th 6pm PST

Mindset Module 01 Webinar September 9th 6pm PST

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Module 01: Combat Mindset Webinar 

In Combat you culminate all of your preparation and training and have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Combat is the assessment of your preparation and most importantly how you react and respond to stress.

In this module Mike discusses tactics to mitigate stress and live in the moment. Living and staying conscious in the moment is a key component to success in combat and in life. 

This is a 90 minute interactive Webinar, you will also get direct access to the closed Facebook Group “Mikes Mindset” where you can ask questions and discuss tactics with Mike directly in a closed forum, please enter a good email address. 

After purchase you will receive email instructions on signing up prior to course start date-you only need a computer or phone with a good internet connection. 

Please download “Adobe Connect” prior to this webinar. 

If you have issues you can be deferred to another webinar, but you will need proof of issue in screen capture or picture. 

No-Refunds and shipping not required.