Mike Glover

My name is Mike Glover, I spent most of my life in the Army serving as an infantryman and Special Forces soldier. I started my career as a Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier where I learned Honor and Respect. After September 11th I triied out for US Special Forces where I served the remainder of my career in multiple positions including: Sniper, JTAC, Recon NCO, Team Sgt, Sgm, Breacher. I developed my mindset and the practice that I teach today during my combat rotations in austere environments, all over the world. 

After being promoted to Sergeant Major in Special Forces I began contracting with the US Government operating overseas, protecting gov. officials in dangerous environments. After my service and contracting days I started a successful business called Fieldcraft Survival dedicated to training civilians, Law Enforcement, and Military personnel for the worst case scenario. 

Mindset is my passion. It's a tangible tactic that can be taught and made more resilient with training and an open mind. I hope to share with you my experiences and my perspective.