The Pillars Of Preparedness PILLAR ONE-YOUR PERSON

There is three distinct measures of your capabilities in preparedness called the PILLARS OF PREPAREDNESS. Meaning ways to start, develop, maintain, and rate your level of preparedness. This model is based on my contracting days deployed in remote, austere environments with little to no support. Ironically, as civilians you are in a similar challenge operating with many unknowns in a semi-permissive environment that could turn WORST CASE scenario in an instant. 

1. YOUR PERSON: Is your capability as an individual and a sole proprietor of your own destiny. With the average response time of First Responders being over 15 minutes and the average mass shooting lasting 12 minutes your time is limited and "You are your own FIRST RESPONSE." This pillar can be broke down into three categories...

a. SKILL SETS: What is your capability and knowledge in technical skill sets, and the execution of such said skill sets under stress. Bushcraft, First Aid and Medical, Tactical, Agriculture, and the list goes on. These skill sets set you a part in knowledge and overall capability. 

b. MINDSET: What is your overall "WILL" to live? Can you bounce back under stress and loss? Your mindset is the overarching resilience that will set the stage for your individual survival. 

c. EQUIPMENT: Without the proper equipment to enable your skillsets, you are dead in the water. Choosing the right equipment to augment your skills is not only important but CRITICAL in survival. If you have 3 different versions of the Tourniquet, but you aren't trained on any, you are just carrying around lashings. To be optimized in SURVIVAL, understand the over all principle of the application of life saving equipment, and this allows you to improvise when necessary, but have the right equipment as your primary when needed. 

NEXT BLOG, I'll discuss the second pillar "MOBILITY" and how your RIG is an extension of your RUCK SACK! 

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