Go Shit On A Rock!

Yup I said it... Having a bad day? Literally I want you to go into nature and shit on a rock. As I've ventured into my all time passion of Overlanding, and migrating my company FieldCraft Survival into the direction of educating people in the importance of Every Day Mobility. I've realized the benefits and necessity of self reliance and using your Every Day Mobility platform to not just facilitate your survival, but balance your heart and mind is critical to your mindset. I remember patrolling the edges of the Hindu Kush, the line of civilization and the cradle of off road adventuring in Northern Afghanistan. I was a young Special Forces weapons speicliast, living a dream, off grid in the Wild West hunting bad guys with a band of brothers that were savage scholars in warfare. We had chopped and modified Defender 110 Land Rovers, vehicles with guns hanging off every corner, rucks d-ringed to zip ties, and recovery equipment strapped to our custom bumpers. I remember the feeling of freedom, of adventure, and the satisfaction of being self sustaining and reliant-living and operating off my vehicle. Something else I realized was not only was I truly happy, but I should of been miserable. No showers, just baby wipes, no home cooked meals, just Meals Ready to Eat, no toilets, just the good old earth... I felt connected to nature, to the universe and despite the discomforts I was happier than I've ever been. I still try to relive those moments, and I get close when I'm off the beaten path searching and exploring national parks and unpaved adventures of our country. I've realized that in life its inevitable that you will be unscathed from pain, from personal disappointments, from failure. The best way I've come to reset and become more mindful is to find that remote spot, that natural beauty... and I've come to realize that if I'm shitting out in nature, preferably a rock, I'm home... I'm closer to God, and I'm closer to those moments where I felt the most alive in a world that can make you feel so dead. So having a bad day? Go shit on a rock and I promise you... you'll remember my words and say, "damn, he was right."G


  • After buying my RECCI 11, and delving deep!, it was you who inspired me to make the decision to train. After exploring the BCM Gunfighters link, I realized I have the most in common with Travis H. Hoping you guys consider training me to beat Garandthumb times on barricade drills;-)
    Finally found my calling, and I owe it to your “how to set up a AR15” vid. Not that easy to find a hat of yours to buy.

    erik easton
  • An easy read something from the heart and one vocab smell the earth beneath your feet and the happiness in your heart. Keep up the good work.

    Pam Brits

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